net: wwan: iosm: remove pointless null check

GCC 12 warns:

drivers/net/wwan/iosm/iosm_ipc_protocol_ops.c: In function ‘ipc_protocol_dl_td_process’:
drivers/net/wwan/iosm/iosm_ipc_protocol_ops.c:406:13: warning: the comparison will always evaluate as ‘true’ for the address of ‘cb’ will never be NULL [-Waddress]
  406 |         if (!IPC_CB(skb)) {
      |             ^

Indeed the check seems entirely pointless. Hopefully the other
validation checks will catch if the cb is bad, but it can't be

Reviewed-by: M Chetan Kumar <>
Signed-off-by: Jakub Kicinski <>
1 file changed