Merge tag 'for-5.18/parisc-3' of git://

Pull parisc architecture fixes from Helge Deller:
 "Some reverts of existing patches, which were necessary because of boot
  issues due to wrong CPU clock handling and cache issues which led to
  userspace segfaults with 32bit kernels. Dave has a whole bunch of
  upcoming cache fixes which I then plan to push in the next merge

  Other than that just small updates and fixes, e.g. defconfig updates,
  spelling fixes, a clocksource fix, boot topology fixes and a fix for
  /proc/cpuinfo output to satisfy lscpu"

* tag 'for-5.18/parisc-3' of git://
  Revert "parisc: Increase parisc_cache_flush_threshold setting"
  parisc: Mark cr16 clock unstable on all SMP machines
  parisc: Fix typos in comments
  parisc: Change MAX_ADDRESS to become unsigned long long
  parisc: Merge model and model name into one line in /proc/cpuinfo
  parisc: Re-enable GENERIC_CPU_DEVICES for !SMP
  parisc: Update 32- and 64-bit defconfigs
  parisc: Only list existing CPUs in cpu_possible_mask
  Revert "parisc: Fix patch code locking and flushing"
  Revert "parisc: Mark sched_clock unstable only if clocks are not syncronized"
  Revert "parisc: Mark cr16 CPU clocksource unstable on all SMP machines"