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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
//! The `kernel` prelude.
//! These are the most common items used by Rust code in the kernel,
//! intended to be imported by all Rust code, for convenience.
//! # Examples
//! ```
//! use kernel::prelude::*;
//! ```
pub use core::pin::Pin;
pub use alloc::{boxed::Box, vec::Vec};
pub use macros::{module, vtable};
pub use super::build_assert;
pub use super::{dbg, pr_alert, pr_crit, pr_debug, pr_emerg, pr_err, pr_info, pr_notice, pr_warn};
pub use super::static_assert;
pub use super::error::{code::*, Error, Result};
pub use super::{str::CStr, ThisModule};