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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
\fBthermometer\fP - A thermal profiling tool
.ft B
.B thermometer
.RB [ options ]
.RB [ command ]
\fBthermometer \fP captures the thermal zones temperature at a
specified sampling period. It is optimized to reduce as much as
possible the overhead while doing the temperature acquisition in order
to prevent disrupting the running application we may want to profile.
This low overhead also allows a high rate sampling for the temperature
which could be necessary to spot overshots and undershots.
If no configuration file is specified, then all the thermal zones will
be monitored at 4Hz, so every 250ms. A configuration file specifies
the thermal zone names and the desired sampling period. A thermal zone
name can be a regular expression to specify a group of thermal zone.
The sampling of the different thermal zones will be written into
separate files with the thermal zone name. It is possible to specify a
postfix to identify them for example for a specific scenario. The
output directory can be specified in addition.
Without any parameters, \fBthermometer \fP captures all the thermal
zone temperatures every 250ms and write to the current directory the
captured files postfixed with the current date.
If a running \fBduration\fP is specified or a \fBcommand\fP, the
capture ends at the end of the duration if the command did not
finished before. The \fBduration\fP can be specified alone as well as
the \fBcommand\fP. If none is specified, the capture will continue
indefinitively until interrupted by \fBSIGINT\fP or \fBSIGQUIT\fP.
.SS Options
The \fB-h, --help\fP option shows a short usage help
The \fB-o <dir>, --output <dir>\fP option defines the output directory to put the
sampling files
The \fB-c <config>, --config <config>\fP option specifies the configuration file to use
The \fB-d <seconds>, --duration <seconds>\fP option specifies the duration of the capture
The \fB-l <loglevel>, --loglevel <loglevel>\fP option sets the loglevel [DEBUG,INFO,NOTICE,WARN,ERROR]
The \fB-p <string>, --postfix <string>\fP option appends \fBstring\fP at the end of the capture filenames
The \fB-s, --syslog\fP option sets the output to syslog, default is \fBstdout\fP
The \fB-w, --overwrite\fP overwrites the output files if they exist
.SS "Exit status:"
if OK,
Error with the options specified as parameters
Error when configuring the logging facility
Error when configuring the time
Error in the initialization routine
Error during the runtime
.SH Capture file format
Every file contains two columns. The first one is the uptime timestamp
in order to find a point in time since the system started up if there
is any thermal event. The second one is the temperature in milli
degree. The first line contains the label of each column.
Daniel Lezcano <>