Merge tag '9p-for-6.2-rc1' of

Pull 9p updates from Dominique Martinet:

 - improve p9_check_errors to check buffer size instead of msize when
   possible (e.g. not zero-copy)

 - some more syzbot and KCSAN fixes

 - minor headers include cleanup

* tag '9p-for-6.2-rc1' of
  9p/client: fix data race on req->status
  net/9p: fix response size check in p9_check_errors()
  net/9p: distinguish zero-copy requests
  9p/xen: do not memcpy header into req->rc
  9p: set req refcount to zero to avoid uninitialized usage
  9p/net: Remove unneeded idr.h #include
  9p/fs: Remove unneeded idr.h #include