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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:
 "Mostly netfilter bug fixes in here, but we have some bits elsewhere as

   1) Don't do SNAT replies for non-NATed connections in IPVS, from
      Julian Anastasov.

   2) Don't delete conntrack helpers while they are still in use, from
      Liping Zhang.

   3) Fix zero padding in xtables's xt_data_to_user(), from Willem de

   4) Add proper RCU protection to nf_tables_dump_set() because we
      cannot guarantee that we hold the NFNL_SUBSYS_NFTABLES lock. From
      Liping Zhang.

   5) Initialize rcv_mss in tcp_disconnect(), from Wei Wang.

   6) smsc95xx devices can't handle IPV6 checksums fully, so don't
      advertise support for offloading them. From Nisar Sayed.

   7) Fix out-of-bounds access in __ip6_append_data(), from Eric

   8) Make atl2_probe() propagate the error code properly on failures,
      from Alexey Khoroshilov.

   9) arp_target[] in bond_check_params() is used uninitialized. This
      got changes from a global static to a local variable, which is how
      this mistake happened. Fix from Jarod Wilson.

  10) Fix fallout from unnecessary NULL check removal in cls_matchall,
      from Jiri Pirko. This is definitely brown paper bag territory..."

* git:// (26 commits)
  net: sched: cls_matchall: fix null pointer dereference
  vsock: use new wait API for vsock_stream_sendmsg()
  bonding: fix randomly populated arp target array
  net: Make IP alignment calulations clearer.
  bonding: fix accounting of active ports in 3ad
  net: atheros: atl2: don't return zero on failure path in atl2_probe()
  ipv6: fix out of bound writes in __ip6_append_data()
  bridge: start hello_timer when enabling KERNEL_STP in br_stp_start
  smsc95xx: Support only IPv4 TCP/UDP csum offload
  arp: always override existing neigh entries with gratuitous ARP
  arp: postpone addr_type calculation to as late as possible
  arp: decompose is_garp logic into a separate function
  arp: fixed error in a comment
  tcp: initialize rcv_mss to TCP_MIN_MSS instead of 0
  netfilter: xtables: fix build failure from COMPAT_XT_ALIGN outside CONFIG_COMPAT
  ebtables: arpreply: Add the standard target sanity check
  netfilter: nf_tables: revisit chain/object refcounting from elements
  netfilter: nf_tables: missing sanitization in data from userspace
  netfilter: nf_tables: can't assume lock is acquired when dumping set elems
  netfilter: synproxy: fix conntrackd interaction