Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of git://

Pull SCSI fixes from James Bottomley:
 "This is quite a big update because it includes a rework of the lpfc
  driver to separate the NVMe part from the FC part.

  The reason for doing this is because two separate trees (the nvme and
  scsi trees respectively) want to update the individual components and
  this separation will prevent a really nasty cross tree entanglement by
  the time we reach the next merge window.

  The rest of the fixes are the usual minor sort with no significant
  security implications"

* tag 'scsi-fixes' of git:// (25 commits)
  scsi: zero per-cmd private driver data for each MQ I/O
  scsi: csiostor: fix use after free in csio_hw_use_fwconfig()
  scsi: ufs: Clean up some rpm/spm level SysFS nodes upon remove
  scsi: lpfc: fix build issue if NVME_FC_TARGET is not defined
  scsi: lpfc: Fix NULL pointer dereference during PCI error recovery
  scsi: lpfc: update version to
  scsi: lpfc: Add MDS Diagnostic support.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix NVMEI's handling of NVMET's PRLI response attributes
  scsi: lpfc: Cleanup entry_repost settings on SLI4 queues
  scsi: lpfc: Fix debugfs root inode "lpfc" not getting deleted on driver unload.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix NVME I+T not registering NVME as a supported FC4 type
  scsi: lpfc: Added recovery logic for running out of NVMET IO context resources
  scsi: lpfc: Separate NVMET RQ buffer posting from IO resources SGL/iocbq/context
  scsi: lpfc: Separate NVMET data buffer pool fir ELS/CT.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix NMI watchdog assertions when running nvmet IOPS tests
  scsi: lpfc: Fix NVMEI driver not decrementing counter causing bad rport state.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix nvmet RQ resource needs for large block writes.
  scsi: lpfc: Adding additional stats counters for nvme.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix system crash when port is reset.
  scsi: lpfc: Fix used-RPI accounting problem.