Btrfs: initialize new bitmaps' list

We're failing to create clusters with bitmaps because
setup_cluster_no_bitmap checks that the list is empty before inserting
the bitmap entry in the list for setup_cluster_bitmap, but the list
field is only initialized when it is restored from the on-disk free
space cache, or when it is written out to disk.

Besides a potential race condition due to the multiple use of the list
field, filesystem performance severely degrades over time: as we use
up all non-bitmap free extents, the try-to-set-up-cluster dance is
done at every metadata block allocation.  For every block group, we
fail to set up a cluster, and after failing on them all up to twice,
we fall back to the much slower unclustered allocation.

To make matters worse, before the unclustered allocation, we try to
create new block groups until we reach the 1% threshold, which
introduces additional bitmaps and thus block groups that we'll iterate
over at each metadata block request.
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