ASPEED soc driver updates for 5.10

New drivers:

 - XDMA driver for the BMC to host PCIe DMA device
 - SoC info driver to expose revision information

New features:

 - AST2600 support for the LPC control driver. This includes
   setting the LPC2AHB bridge up in a backwards compatible manner.


 - LPC control
 - Kconfig
 - Bindings updates for AST2600 strings
soc: aspeed: xdma: Add reset ioctl

Users of the XDMA engine need a way to reset it if something goes wrong.
Problems on the host side, or user error, such as incorrect host
address, may result in the DMA operation never completing and no way to
determine what went wrong. Therefore, add an ioctl to reset the engine
so that users can recover in this situation.

Signed-off-by: Eddie James <>
Acked-by: Andrew Jeffery <>
Reviewed-by: Joel Stanley <>
Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <>
2 files changed