ASPEED device tree updates for 5.11

 - New machines

   * Bytedance G220A, an AST2500 BMC for an x86 server
   * Facebook Galaxy100, an AST2400 BMC for a network switch
   * IBM Rainier 4U, an AST2600 BMC for a PowerPC server

 - Reworking of Facebook device trees to use common dtsi

 - A 64MB flash layout used by the G220A

 - Misc updates to tiogapass, ethanolx, s2600wf, tacoma and rainier
ARM: dts: aspeed: ast2600evb: Add MAC0

MAC0 was not functional in the AST2600A0 SoC. This has been resolved
with the A1, so allow use of this port on EVBs with the A1 and
subsequent revisions.

A0 EVBs will still boot with this change, but the first Ethernet device
will not be functional.

Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <>
1 file changed