ASPEED soc driver updates for 5.12

 - Clock control logic for LPC snoop driver
 - New system ids for AST2600 variants
soc: aspeed: socinfo: Add new systems

Aspeed's u-boot sdk has been updated with the SoC IDs for the AST2605
variant, as well as A2 and A3 variants of the 2600 family.

>From u-boot's arch/arm/mach-aspeed/ast2600/scu_info.c:

    SOC_ID("AST2600-A0", 0x0500030305000303),
    SOC_ID("AST2600-A1", 0x0501030305010303),
    SOC_ID("AST2620-A1", 0x0501020305010203),
    SOC_ID("AST2600-A2", 0x0502030305010303),
    SOC_ID("AST2620-A2", 0x0502020305010203),
    SOC_ID("AST2605-A2", 0x0502010305010103),
    SOC_ID("AST2600-A3", 0x0503030305030303),
    SOC_ID("AST2620-A3", 0x0503020305030203),
    SOC_ID("AST2605-A3", 0x0503010305030103),

Fixes: e0218dca5787 ("soc: aspeed: Add soc info driver")
Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <>
1 file changed