Merge tag 'pull-sysfs-annotation-fix' of git://

Pull sysfs fix from Al Viro:
 "Get rid of lockdep false positives around sysfs/overlayfs

  syzbot has uncovered a class of lockdep false positives for setups
  with sysfs being one of the backing layers in overlayfs. The root
  cause is that of->mutex allocated when opening a sysfs file read-only
  (which overlayfs might do) is confused with of->mutex of a file opened
  writable (held in write to sysfs file, which overlayfs won't do).

  Assigning them separate lockdep classes fixes that bunch and it's
  obviously safe"

* tag 'pull-sysfs-annotation-fix' of git://
  kernfs: annotate different lockdep class for of->mutex of writable files