Merge tag 'ata-6.9-rc4' of git://

Pull ata fixes from Damien Le Moal:

 - Add the mask_port_map parameter to the ahci driver. This is a
   follow-up to the recent snafu with the ASMedia controller and its
   virtual port hidding port-multiplier devices. As ASMedia confirmed
   that there is no way to determine if these slow-to-probe virtual
   ports are actually representing the ports of a port-multiplier
   devices, this new parameter allow masking ports to significantly
   speed up probing during system boot, resulting in shorter boot times.

 - A fix for an incorrect handling of a port unlock in

 - Allow command duration limits to be detected for ACS-4 devices are
   there are such devices out in the field.

* tag 'ata-6.9-rc4' of git://
  ata: libata-core: Allow command duration limits detection for ACS-4 drives
  ata: libata-scsi: Fix ata_scsi_dev_rescan() error path
  ata: ahci: Add mask_port_map module parameter