Merge tag 'block-6.9-20240412' of git://

Pull block fixes from Jens Axboe:

 - MD pull request via Song:
       - UAF fix (Yu)

 - Avoid out-of-bounds shift in blk-iocost (Rik)

 - Fix for q->blkg_list corruption (Ming)

 - Relax virt boundary mask/size segment checking (Ming)

* tag 'block-6.9-20240412' of git://
  block: fix that blk_time_get_ns() doesn't update time after schedule
  block: allow device to have both virt_boundary_mask and max segment size
  block: fix q->blkg_list corruption during disk rebind
  blk-iocost: avoid out of bounds shift
  raid1: fix use-after-free for original bio in raid1_write_request()