Merge tag 'v6.9-rc3-SMB3-client-fixes' of git://

Pull smb client fixes from Steve French:

 - fix for oops in cifs_get_fattr of deleted files

 - fix for the remote open counter going negative in some directory
   lease cases

 - fix for mkfifo to instantiate dentry to avoid possible crash

 - important fix to allow handling key rotation for mount and remount
   (ie cases that are becoming more common when password that was used
   for the mount will expire soon but will be replaced by new password)

* tag 'v6.9-rc3-SMB3-client-fixes' of git://
  smb3: fix broken reconnect when password changing on the server by allowing password rotation
  smb: client: instantiate when creating SFU files
  smb3: fix Open files on server counter going negative
  smb: client: fix NULL ptr deref in cifs_mark_open_handles_for_deleted_file()