Merge tag 'sh-for-5.11' of git://

Pull arch/sh updates from Rich Felker:
 "Cleanup and warning fixes"

* tag 'sh-for-5.11' of git://
  sh/intc: Restore devm_ioremap() alignment
  sh: mach-sh03: remove duplicate include
  arch: sh: remove duplicate include
  sh: Drop ARCH_NR_GPIOS definition
  sh: Remove unused HAVE_COPY_THREAD_TLS macro
  sh: remove CONFIG_IDE from most defconfig
  sh: mm: Convert to DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE
  sh: intc: Convert to DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE
  arch/sh: hyphenate Non-Uniform in Kconfig prompt
  sh: dma: fix kconfig dependency for G2_DMA