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* ARM SMMUv3 Architecture Implementation
The SMMUv3 architecture is a significant deparature from previous
revisions, replacing the MMIO register interface with in-memory command
and event queues and adding support for the ATS and PRI components of
the PCIe specification.
** SMMUv3 required properties:
- compatible : Should include:
* "arm,smmu-v3" for any SMMUv3 compliant
implementation. This entry should be last in the
compatible list.
- reg : Base address and size of the SMMU.
- interrupts : Non-secure interrupt list describing the wired
interrupt sources corresponding to entries in
interrupt-names. If no wired interrupts are
present then this property may be omitted.
- interrupt-names : When the interrupts property is present, should
include the following:
* "eventq" - Event Queue not empty
* "priq" - PRI Queue not empty
* "cmdq-sync" - CMD_SYNC complete
* "gerror" - Global Error activated
** SMMUv3 optional properties:
- dma-coherent : Present if DMA operations made by the SMMU (page
table walks, stream table accesses etc) are cache
coherent with the CPU.
NOTE: this only applies to the SMMU itself, not
masters connected upstream of the SMMU.