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* Intel Ethernet Controller XL710 Family Linux Driver
* Copyright(c) 2013 - 2015 Intel Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
* version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program. If not, see <>.
* The full GNU General Public License is included in this distribution in
* the file called "COPYING".
* Contact Information:
* e1000-devel Mailing List <>
* Intel Corporation, 5200 N.E. Elam Young Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124-6497
#ifndef _I40E_H_
#define _I40E_H_
#include <net/tcp.h>
#include <net/udp.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/aer.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/ioport.h>
#include <linux/iommu.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/in.h>
#include <linux/ip.h>
#include <linux/tcp.h>
#include <linux/sctp.h>
#include <linux/pkt_sched.h>
#include <linux/ipv6.h>
#include <net/checksum.h>
#include <net/ip6_checksum.h>
#include <linux/ethtool.h>
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include <linux/if_bridge.h>
#include <linux/clocksource.h>
#include <linux/net_tstamp.h>
#include <linux/ptp_clock_kernel.h>
#include "i40e_type.h"
#include "i40e_prototype.h"
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
#include "i40e_fcoe.h"
#include "i40e_virtchnl.h"
#include "i40e_virtchnl_pf.h"
#include "i40e_txrx.h"
#include "i40e_dcb.h"
/* Useful i40e defaults */
#define I40E_BASE_PF_SEID 16
#define I40E_BASE_VSI_SEID 512
#define I40E_BASE_VEB_SEID 288
#define I40E_MAX_VEB 16
#define I40E_MAX_REGISTER 0x800000
#define I40E_MAX_CSR_SPACE (4 * 1024 * 1024 - 64 * 1024)
#define I40E_MIN_MSIX 2
#define I40E_DEFAULT_NUM_VMDQ_VSI 8 /* max 256 VSIs */
#define I40E_MIN_VSI_ALLOC 51 /* LAN, ATR, FCOE, 32 VF, 16 VMDQ */
#define I40E_DEFAULT_QUEUES_PER_VMDQ 2 /* max 16 qps */
#define I40E_DEFAULT_QUEUES_PER_TC 1 /* should be a power of 2 */
#define I40E_MAX_QUEUES_PER_TC 64 /* should be a power of 2 */
#define I40E_FDIR_RING 0
#define I40E_FDIR_RING_COUNT 32
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
#define I40E_DEFAULT_FCOE 8 /* default number of QPs for FCoE */
#define I40E_MINIMUM_FCOE 1 /* minimum number of QPs for FCoE */
#endif /* I40E_FCOE */
#define I40E_MAX_AQ_BUF_SIZE 4096
#define I40E_AQ_LEN 256
#define I40E_AQ_WORK_LIMIT 32
/* Ethtool Private Flags */
#define I40E_PRIV_FLAGS_NPAR_FLAG (1 << 0)
/* The values in here are decimal coded as hex as is the case in the NVM map*/
/* magic for getting defines into strings */
#define STRINGIFY(foo) #foo
#define XSTRINGIFY(bar) STRINGIFY(bar)
#define I40E_RX_DESC(R, i) \
((ring_is_16byte_desc_enabled(R)) \
? (union i40e_32byte_rx_desc *) \
(&(((union i40e_16byte_rx_desc *)((R)->desc))[i])) \
: (&(((union i40e_32byte_rx_desc *)((R)->desc))[i])))
#define I40E_TX_DESC(R, i) \
(&(((struct i40e_tx_desc *)((R)->desc))[i]))
#define I40E_TX_CTXTDESC(R, i) \
(&(((struct i40e_tx_context_desc *)((R)->desc))[i]))
#define I40E_TX_FDIRDESC(R, i) \
(&(((struct i40e_filter_program_desc *)((R)->desc))[i]))
/* default to trying for four seconds */
#define I40E_TRY_LINK_TIMEOUT (4 * HZ)
/* driver state flags */
enum i40e_state_t {
enum i40e_interrupt_policy {
struct i40e_lump_tracking {
u16 num_entries;
u16 search_hint;
u16 list[0];
#define I40E_PILE_VALID_BIT 0x8000
enum i40e_fd_stat_idx {
#define I40E_FD_STAT_PF_IDX(pf_id) ((pf_id) * I40E_FD_STAT_PF_COUNT)
#define I40E_FD_ATR_STAT_IDX(pf_id) \
#define I40E_FD_SB_STAT_IDX(pf_id) \
(I40E_FD_STAT_PF_IDX(pf_id) + I40E_FD_STAT_SB)
struct i40e_fdir_filter {
struct hlist_node fdir_node;
/* filter ipnut set */
u8 flow_type;
u8 ip4_proto;
/* TX packet view of src and dst */
__be32 dst_ip[4];
__be32 src_ip[4];
__be16 src_port;
__be16 dst_port;
__be32 sctp_v_tag;
/* filter control */
u16 q_index;
u8 flex_off;
u8 pctype;
u16 dest_vsi;
u8 dest_ctl;
u8 fd_status;
u16 cnt_index;
u32 fd_id;
#define I40E_ETH_P_LLDP 0x88cc
#define I40E_DCB_PRIO_TYPE_ETS 1
/* DCB per TC information data structure */
struct i40e_tc_info {
u16 qoffset; /* Queue offset from base queue */
u16 qcount; /* Total Queues */
u8 netdev_tc; /* Netdev TC index if netdev associated */
/* TC configuration data structure */
struct i40e_tc_configuration {
u8 numtc; /* Total number of enabled TCs */
u8 enabled_tc; /* TC map */
struct i40e_tc_info tc_info[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
/* struct that defines the Ethernet device */
struct i40e_pf {
struct pci_dev *pdev;
struct i40e_hw hw;
unsigned long state;
unsigned long link_check_timeout;
struct msix_entry *msix_entries;
bool fc_autoneg_status;
u16 eeprom_version;
u16 num_vmdq_vsis; /* num vmdq vsis this PF has set up */
u16 num_vmdq_qps; /* num queue pairs per vmdq pool */
u16 num_vmdq_msix; /* num queue vectors per vmdq pool */
u16 num_req_vfs; /* num VFs requested for this VF */
u16 num_vf_qps; /* num queue pairs per VF */
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
u16 num_fcoe_qps; /* num fcoe queues this PF has set up */
u16 num_fcoe_msix; /* num queue vectors per fcoe pool */
#endif /* I40E_FCOE */
u16 num_lan_qps; /* num lan queues this PF has set up */
u16 num_lan_msix; /* num queue vectors for the base PF vsi */
int queues_left; /* queues left unclaimed */
u16 rss_size; /* num queues in the RSS array */
u16 rss_size_max; /* HW defined max RSS queues */
u16 fdir_pf_filter_count; /* num of guaranteed filters for this PF */
u16 num_alloc_vsi; /* num VSIs this driver supports */
u8 atr_sample_rate;
bool wol_en;
struct hlist_head fdir_filter_list;
u16 fdir_pf_active_filters;
u16 fd_sb_cnt_idx;
u16 fd_atr_cnt_idx;
unsigned long fd_flush_timestamp;
u32 fd_flush_cnt;
u32 fd_add_err;
u32 fd_atr_cnt;
u32 fd_tcp_rule;
__be16 vxlan_ports[I40E_MAX_PF_UDP_OFFLOAD_PORTS];
u16 pending_vxlan_bitmap;
enum i40e_interrupt_policy int_policy;
u16 rx_itr_default;
u16 tx_itr_default;
u32 msg_enable;
char int_name[I40E_INT_NAME_STR_LEN];
u16 adminq_work_limit; /* num of admin receive queue desc to process */
unsigned long service_timer_period;
unsigned long service_timer_previous;
struct timer_list service_timer;
struct work_struct service_task;
u64 flags;
#define I40E_FLAG_RX_CSUM_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 1)
#define I40E_FLAG_MSI_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 2)
#define I40E_FLAG_MSIX_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 3)
#define I40E_FLAG_RX_1BUF_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 4)
#define I40E_FLAG_RX_PS_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 5)
#define I40E_FLAG_RSS_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 6)
#define I40E_FLAG_VMDQ_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 7)
#define I40E_FLAG_FDIR_REQUIRES_REINIT (u64)(1 << 8)
#define I40E_FLAG_NEED_LINK_UPDATE (u64)(1 << 9)
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
#define I40E_FLAG_FCOE_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 11)
#endif /* I40E_FCOE */
#define I40E_FLAG_IN_NETPOLL (u64)(1 << 12)
#define I40E_FLAG_16BYTE_RX_DESC_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 13)
#define I40E_FLAG_CLEAN_ADMINQ (u64)(1 << 14)
#define I40E_FLAG_FILTER_SYNC (u64)(1 << 15)
#define I40E_FLAG_PROCESS_MDD_EVENT (u64)(1 << 17)
#define I40E_FLAG_PROCESS_VFLR_EVENT (u64)(1 << 18)
#define I40E_FLAG_SRIOV_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 19)
#define I40E_FLAG_DCB_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 20)
#define I40E_FLAG_FD_SB_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 21)
#define I40E_FLAG_FD_ATR_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 22)
#define I40E_FLAG_PTP (u64)(1 << 25)
#define I40E_FLAG_MFP_ENABLED (u64)(1 << 26)
#define I40E_FLAG_VXLAN_FILTER_SYNC (u64)(1 << 27)
#define I40E_FLAG_PORT_ID_VALID (u64)(1 << 28)
#define I40E_FLAG_DCB_CAPABLE (u64)(1 << 29)
/* tracks features that get auto disabled by errors */
u64 auto_disable_flags;
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
struct i40e_fcoe fcoe;
#endif /* I40E_FCOE */
bool stat_offsets_loaded;
struct i40e_hw_port_stats stats;
struct i40e_hw_port_stats stats_offsets;
u32 tx_timeout_count;
u32 tx_timeout_recovery_level;
unsigned long tx_timeout_last_recovery;
u32 tx_sluggish_count;
u32 hw_csum_rx_error;
u32 led_status;
u16 corer_count; /* Core reset count */
u16 globr_count; /* Global reset count */
u16 empr_count; /* EMP reset count */
u16 pfr_count; /* PF reset count */
u16 sw_int_count; /* SW interrupt count */
struct mutex switch_mutex;
u16 lan_vsi; /* our default LAN VSI */
u16 lan_veb; /* initial relay, if exists */
#define I40E_NO_VEB 0xffff
#define I40E_NO_VSI 0xffff
u16 next_vsi; /* Next unallocated VSI - 0-based! */
struct i40e_vsi **vsi;
struct i40e_veb *veb[I40E_MAX_VEB];
struct i40e_lump_tracking *qp_pile;
struct i40e_lump_tracking *irq_pile;
/* switch config info */
u16 pf_seid;
u16 main_vsi_seid;
u16 mac_seid;
struct kobject *switch_kobj;
struct dentry *i40e_dbg_pf;
#endif /* CONFIG_DEBUG_FS */
u16 instance; /* A unique number per i40e_pf instance in the system */
/* sr-iov config info */
struct i40e_vf *vf;
int num_alloc_vfs; /* actual number of VFs allocated */
u32 vf_aq_requests;
/* DCBx/DCBNL capability for PF that indicates
* whether DCBx is managed by firmware or host
* based agent (LLDPAD). Also, indicates what
* flavor of DCBx protocol (IEEE/CEE) is supported
* by the device. For now we're supporting IEEE
* mode only.
u16 dcbx_cap;
u32 fcoe_hmc_filt_num;
u32 fcoe_hmc_cntx_num;
struct i40e_filter_control_settings filter_settings;
struct ptp_clock *ptp_clock;
struct ptp_clock_info ptp_caps;
struct sk_buff *ptp_tx_skb;
struct hwtstamp_config tstamp_config;
unsigned long last_rx_ptp_check;
spinlock_t tmreg_lock; /* Used to protect the device time registers. */
u64 ptp_base_adj;
u32 tx_hwtstamp_timeouts;
u32 rx_hwtstamp_cleared;
bool ptp_tx;
bool ptp_rx;
u16 rss_table_size;
/* These are only valid in NPAR modes */
u32 npar_max_bw;
u32 npar_min_bw;
struct i40e_mac_filter {
struct list_head list;
u8 macaddr[ETH_ALEN];
#define I40E_VLAN_ANY -1
s16 vlan;
u8 counter; /* number of instances of this filter */
bool is_vf; /* filter belongs to a VF */
bool is_netdev; /* filter belongs to a netdev */
bool changed; /* filter needs to be sync'd to the HW */
bool is_laa; /* filter is a Locally Administered Address */
struct i40e_veb {
struct i40e_pf *pf;
u16 idx;
u16 veb_idx; /* index of VEB parent */
u16 seid;
u16 uplink_seid;
u16 stats_idx; /* index of VEB parent */
u8 enabled_tc;
u16 bridge_mode; /* Bridge Mode (VEB/VEPA) */
u16 flags;
u16 bw_limit;
u8 bw_max_quanta;
bool is_abs_credits;
u8 bw_tc_share_credits[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
u16 bw_tc_limit_credits[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
u8 bw_tc_max_quanta[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
struct kobject *kobj;
bool stat_offsets_loaded;
struct i40e_eth_stats stats;
struct i40e_eth_stats stats_offsets;
/* struct that defines a VSI, associated with a dev */
struct i40e_vsi {
struct net_device *netdev;
unsigned long active_vlans[BITS_TO_LONGS(VLAN_N_VID)];
bool netdev_registered;
bool stat_offsets_loaded;
u32 current_netdev_flags;
unsigned long state;
#define I40E_VSI_FLAG_VEB_OWNER (1<<1)
unsigned long flags;
struct list_head mac_filter_list;
/* VSI stats */
struct rtnl_link_stats64 net_stats;
struct rtnl_link_stats64 net_stats_offsets;
struct i40e_eth_stats eth_stats;
struct i40e_eth_stats eth_stats_offsets;
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
struct i40e_fcoe_stats fcoe_stats;
struct i40e_fcoe_stats fcoe_stats_offsets;
bool fcoe_stat_offsets_loaded;
u32 tx_restart;
u32 tx_busy;
u32 rx_buf_failed;
u32 rx_page_failed;
/* These are containers of ring pointers, allocated at run-time */
struct i40e_ring **rx_rings;
struct i40e_ring **tx_rings;
u16 work_limit;
/* high bit set means dynamic, use accessor routines to read/write.
* hardware only supports 2us resolution for the ITR registers.
* these values always store the USER setting, and must be converted
* before programming to a register.
u16 rx_itr_setting;
u16 tx_itr_setting;
u16 rss_table_size;
u16 rss_size;
u16 max_frame;
u16 rx_hdr_len;
u16 rx_buf_len;
u8 dtype;
/* List of q_vectors allocated to this VSI */
struct i40e_q_vector **q_vectors;
int num_q_vectors;
int base_vector;
bool irqs_ready;
u16 seid; /* HW index of this VSI (absolute index) */
u16 id; /* VSI number */
u16 uplink_seid;
u16 base_queue; /* vsi's first queue in hw array */
u16 alloc_queue_pairs; /* Allocated Tx/Rx queues */
u16 req_queue_pairs; /* User requested queue pairs */
u16 num_queue_pairs; /* Used tx and rx pairs */
u16 num_desc;
enum i40e_vsi_type type; /* VSI type, e.g., LAN, FCoE, etc */
u16 vf_id; /* Virtual function ID for SRIOV VSIs */
struct i40e_tc_configuration tc_config;
struct i40e_aqc_vsi_properties_data info;
/* VSI BW limit (absolute across all TCs) */
u16 bw_limit; /* VSI BW Limit (0 = disabled) */
u8 bw_max_quanta; /* Max Quanta when BW limit is enabled */
/* Relative TC credits across VSIs */
u8 bw_ets_share_credits[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
/* TC BW limit credits within VSI */
u16 bw_ets_limit_credits[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
/* TC BW limit max quanta within VSI */
u8 bw_ets_max_quanta[I40E_MAX_TRAFFIC_CLASS];
struct i40e_pf *back; /* Backreference to associated PF */
u16 idx; /* index in pf->vsi[] */
u16 veb_idx; /* index of VEB parent */
struct kobject *kobj; /* sysfs object */
/* VSI specific handlers */
irqreturn_t (*irq_handler)(int irq, void *data);
/* current rxnfc data */
struct ethtool_rxnfc rxnfc; /* current rss hash opts */
} ____cacheline_internodealigned_in_smp;
struct i40e_netdev_priv {
struct i40e_vsi *vsi;
/* struct that defines an interrupt vector */
struct i40e_q_vector {
struct i40e_vsi *vsi;
u16 v_idx; /* index in the vsi->q_vector array. */
u16 reg_idx; /* register index of the interrupt */
struct napi_struct napi;
struct i40e_ring_container rx;
struct i40e_ring_container tx;
u8 num_ringpairs; /* total number of ring pairs in vector */
cpumask_t affinity_mask;
struct rcu_head rcu; /* to avoid race with update stats on free */
char name[I40E_INT_NAME_STR_LEN];
} ____cacheline_internodealigned_in_smp;
/* lan device */
struct i40e_device {
struct list_head list;
struct i40e_pf *pf;
* i40e_fw_version_str - format the FW and NVM version strings
* @hw: ptr to the hardware info
static inline char *i40e_fw_version_str(struct i40e_hw *hw)
static char buf[32];
snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf),
"f%d.%d.%05d a%d.%d n%x.%02x e%x",
hw->aq.fw_maj_ver, hw->aq.fw_min_ver, hw->aq.fw_build,
hw->aq.api_maj_ver, hw->aq.api_min_ver,
(hw->nvm.version & I40E_NVM_VERSION_HI_MASK) >>
(hw->nvm.version & I40E_NVM_VERSION_LO_MASK) >>
(hw->nvm.eetrack & 0xffffff));
return buf;
* i40e_netdev_to_pf: Retrieve the PF struct for given netdev
* @netdev: the corresponding netdev
* Return the PF struct for the given netdev
static inline struct i40e_pf *i40e_netdev_to_pf(struct net_device *netdev)
struct i40e_netdev_priv *np = netdev_priv(netdev);
struct i40e_vsi *vsi = np->vsi;
return vsi->back;
static inline void i40e_vsi_setup_irqhandler(struct i40e_vsi *vsi,
irqreturn_t (*irq_handler)(int, void *))
vsi->irq_handler = irq_handler;
* i40e_rx_is_programming_status - check for programming status descriptor
* @qw: the first quad word of the program status descriptor
* The value of in the descriptor length field indicate if this
* is a programming status descriptor for flow director or FCoE
* by the value of I40E_RX_PROG_STATUS_DESC_LENGTH, otherwise
* it is a packet descriptor.
static inline bool i40e_rx_is_programming_status(u64 qw)
* i40e_get_fd_cnt_all - get the total FD filter space available
* @pf: pointer to the PF struct
static inline int i40e_get_fd_cnt_all(struct i40e_pf *pf)
return pf->hw.fdir_shared_filter_count + pf->fdir_pf_filter_count;
/* needed by i40e_ethtool.c */
int i40e_up(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_down(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
extern const char i40e_driver_name[];
extern const char i40e_driver_version_str[];
void i40e_do_reset_safe(struct i40e_pf *pf, u32 reset_flags);
void i40e_do_reset(struct i40e_pf *pf, u32 reset_flags);
struct i40e_vsi *i40e_find_vsi_from_id(struct i40e_pf *pf, u16 id);
void i40e_update_stats(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_update_eth_stats(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
struct rtnl_link_stats64 *i40e_get_vsi_stats_struct(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
int i40e_fetch_switch_configuration(struct i40e_pf *pf,
bool printconfig);
int i40e_program_fdir_filter(struct i40e_fdir_filter *fdir_data, u8 *raw_packet,
struct i40e_pf *pf, bool add);
int i40e_add_del_fdir(struct i40e_vsi *vsi,
struct i40e_fdir_filter *input, bool add);
void i40e_fdir_check_and_reenable(struct i40e_pf *pf);
u32 i40e_get_current_fd_count(struct i40e_pf *pf);
u32 i40e_get_cur_guaranteed_fd_count(struct i40e_pf *pf);
u32 i40e_get_current_atr_cnt(struct i40e_pf *pf);
u32 i40e_get_global_fd_count(struct i40e_pf *pf);
bool i40e_set_ntuple(struct i40e_pf *pf, netdev_features_t features);
void i40e_set_ethtool_ops(struct net_device *netdev);
struct i40e_mac_filter *i40e_add_filter(struct i40e_vsi *vsi,
u8 *macaddr, s16 vlan,
bool is_vf, bool is_netdev);
void i40e_del_filter(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, u8 *macaddr, s16 vlan,
bool is_vf, bool is_netdev);
int i40e_sync_vsi_filters(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
struct i40e_vsi *i40e_vsi_setup(struct i40e_pf *pf, u8 type,
u16 uplink, u32 param1);
int i40e_vsi_release(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
struct i40e_vsi *i40e_vsi_lookup(struct i40e_pf *pf, enum i40e_vsi_type type,
struct i40e_vsi *start_vsi);
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
void i40e_vsi_setup_queue_map(struct i40e_vsi *vsi,
struct i40e_vsi_context *ctxt,
u8 enabled_tc, bool is_add);
int i40e_vsi_control_rings(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, bool enable);
int i40e_reconfig_rss_queues(struct i40e_pf *pf, int queue_count);
struct i40e_veb *i40e_veb_setup(struct i40e_pf *pf, u16 flags, u16 uplink_seid,
u16 downlink_seid, u8 enabled_tc);
void i40e_veb_release(struct i40e_veb *veb);
int i40e_veb_config_tc(struct i40e_veb *veb, u8 enabled_tc);
i40e_status i40e_vsi_add_pvid(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, u16 vid);
void i40e_vsi_remove_pvid(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_vsi_reset_stats(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_pf_reset_stats(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_dbg_pf_init(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_dbg_pf_exit(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_dbg_init(void);
void i40e_dbg_exit(void);
static inline void i40e_dbg_pf_init(struct i40e_pf *pf) {}
static inline void i40e_dbg_pf_exit(struct i40e_pf *pf) {}
static inline void i40e_dbg_init(void) {}
static inline void i40e_dbg_exit(void) {}
#endif /* CONFIG_DEBUG_FS*/
void i40e_irq_dynamic_enable(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, int vector);
void i40e_irq_dynamic_disable(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, int vector);
void i40e_irq_dynamic_disable_icr0(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_irq_dynamic_enable_icr0(struct i40e_pf *pf);
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
struct rtnl_link_stats64 *i40e_get_netdev_stats_struct(
struct net_device *netdev,
struct rtnl_link_stats64 *storage);
int i40e_set_mac(struct net_device *netdev, void *p);
void i40e_set_rx_mode(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_ioctl(struct net_device *netdev, struct ifreq *ifr, int cmd);
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
void i40e_tx_timeout(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_vlan_rx_add_vid(struct net_device *netdev,
__always_unused __be16 proto, u16 vid);
int i40e_vlan_rx_kill_vid(struct net_device *netdev,
__always_unused __be16 proto, u16 vid);
int i40e_open(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_vsi_open(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_vlan_stripping_disable(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
int i40e_vsi_add_vlan(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, s16 vid);
int i40e_vsi_kill_vlan(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, s16 vid);
struct i40e_mac_filter *i40e_put_mac_in_vlan(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, u8 *macaddr,
bool is_vf, bool is_netdev);
bool i40e_is_vsi_in_vlan(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
struct i40e_mac_filter *i40e_find_mac(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, u8 *macaddr,
bool is_vf, bool is_netdev);
#ifdef I40E_FCOE
int i40e_close(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_setup_tc(struct net_device *netdev, u8 tc);
void i40e_netpoll(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_fcoe_enable(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_fcoe_disable(struct net_device *netdev);
int i40e_fcoe_vsi_init(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, struct i40e_vsi_context *ctxt);
u8 i40e_get_fcoe_tc_map(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_fcoe_config_netdev(struct net_device *netdev, struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_fcoe_vsi_setup(struct i40e_pf *pf);
int i40e_init_pf_fcoe(struct i40e_pf *pf);
int i40e_fcoe_setup_ddp_resources(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_fcoe_free_ddp_resources(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
int i40e_fcoe_handle_offload(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring,
union i40e_rx_desc *rx_desc,
struct sk_buff *skb);
void i40e_fcoe_handle_status(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring,
union i40e_rx_desc *rx_desc, u8 prog_id);
#endif /* I40E_FCOE */
void i40e_vlan_stripping_enable(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
#ifdef CONFIG_I40E_DCB
void i40e_dcbnl_flush_apps(struct i40e_pf *pf,
struct i40e_dcbx_config *old_cfg,
struct i40e_dcbx_config *new_cfg);
void i40e_dcbnl_set_all(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_dcbnl_setup(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
bool i40e_dcb_need_reconfig(struct i40e_pf *pf,
struct i40e_dcbx_config *old_cfg,
struct i40e_dcbx_config *new_cfg);
#endif /* CONFIG_I40E_DCB */
void i40e_ptp_rx_hang(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
void i40e_ptp_tx_hwtstamp(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_ptp_rx_hwtstamp(struct i40e_pf *pf, struct sk_buff *skb, u8 index);
void i40e_ptp_set_increment(struct i40e_pf *pf);
int i40e_ptp_set_ts_config(struct i40e_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr);
int i40e_ptp_get_ts_config(struct i40e_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr);
void i40e_ptp_init(struct i40e_pf *pf);
void i40e_ptp_stop(struct i40e_pf *pf);
int i40e_is_vsi_uplink_mode_veb(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
i40e_status i40e_get_npar_bw_setting(struct i40e_pf *pf);
i40e_status i40e_set_npar_bw_setting(struct i40e_pf *pf);
i40e_status i40e_commit_npar_bw_setting(struct i40e_pf *pf);
#endif /* _I40E_H_ */