Merge branch 'for-linus' of

* 'for-linus' of
  [ARM] integrator: fix build warnings and errors
  [ARM] fix OMAP include loops
  Revert "[ARM] pxa: spitz wants PXA27x UDC definitions"
  [ARM] 5053/1: define before use of processor_id
  [ARM] 5052/1: export clock functions for the at91x40
  [ARM] 5051/1: define pgtable_t for the !CONFIG_MMU case too
  [ARM] omap: fix omap clk support build errors
  [ARM] 5039/1: S3C244X: Rename SDI device if running on S3C244X.
  [ARM] 5043/1: pxafb: remove unused mode variable in pxafb_init_fbinfo
  [ARM] 5041/1: VR1000: Fix DM9000 IRQ flags initialisation
  [ARM] 5040/1: BAST: Fix DM9000 IRQ flags initialisation
  [ARM] 5038/1: ARM: OMAP: Remove tsc2102 references from board-palmte.c
  [ARM] 5025/2: fix collie cpu initialisation