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* 'kvm-arm-for-3.10' of git://
  ARM: KVM: iterate over all CPUs for CPU compatibility check
  KVM: ARM: Fix spelling in error message
  ARM: KVM: define KVM_ARM_MAX_VCPUS unconditionally
  KVM: ARM: Fix API documentation for ONE_REG encoding
  ARM: KVM: promote vfp_host pointer to generic host cpu context
  ARM: KVM: add architecture specific hook for capabilities
  ARM: KVM: perform HYP initilization for hotplugged CPUs
  ARM: KVM: switch to a dual-step HYP init code
  ARM: KVM: rework HYP page table freeing
  ARM: KVM: enforce maximum size for identity mapped code
  ARM: KVM: move to a KVM provided HYP idmap
  ARM: KVM: fix HYP mapping limitations around zero
  ARM: KVM: simplify HYP mapping population
  ARM: KVM: arch_timer: use symbolic constants
  ARM: KVM: add support for minimal host vs guest profiling