ACPI and power management fixes for 3.15-rc6

 - ACPICA fix for a stale pointer access introduced by a recent
   commit in the XSDT validation code from Lv Zheng.

 - ACPICA fix for the default value of the command line switch
   to favor 32-bit FADT addresses (in case there's a conflict
   between a 64-bit and a 32-bit address).  The previous default
   was that the 32-bit version would take precedence and we tried
   to change it to the other way around and it didn't work.
   From Lv Zheng.

 - A TPM commit related to ACPI _DSM in 3.14 caused the driver to
   refuse to load if a specific _DSM was missing and that broke
   resume from system suspend on Chromebooks that require the TPM
   hardware to be restored to a working state during resume by the
   OS.  Restore the old behavior to load the driver if the _DSM
   in question is not present, but prevent it from using the
   feature the _DSM is for.

 - ACPI AC driver conversion in 3.13 broke thermal management on
   at least one machine and has to be reverted.  From Guenter Roeck.

 - Two reverts of 3.13 commits that attempted to remove the old ACPI
   battery interface in /proc, but turned out to break some utilities
   still using that interface.  From Lan Tianyu.

 - ACPI processor driver fix to prevent acpi_processor_add() from
   modifying the CPU device's .offline field which leads to breakage
   if the initial online of the CPU fails.  From Igor Mammedov.

 - Two intel_pstate fixes, one to take a BayTrail documentation update
   into account and one to avoid forcing the maximum P-state on init
   which causes CPU PM trouble on systems with P-states coordination
   when one of the CPU cores is initialized after an offline/online
   cycle triggered by user space.  Both stable candidates, from
   Dirk Brandewie.

 - Fix for the ACPI video DMI blacklist entry for Dell Inspiron 7520
   from Aaron Lu.

 - Two new ACPI video blacklist entries for machines shipping with
   Win8 that need to use native backlight so that it can be controlled
   in a usual way (which doesn't work otherwise due bugs in the ACPI
   tables) from Hans de Goede.

 - Two ACPI _OSI quirks for systems that need them to work correctly
   with Linux from Edward Lin and Hans de Goede.

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Merge branch 'acpi-video'

* acpi-video:
  ACPI / video: Revert native brightness quirk for ThinkPad T530