ACPI and power management updates for 3.17-rc1

 - ACPICA update to upstream version 20140724.  That includes
   ACPI 5.1 material (support for the _CCA and _DSD predefined names,
   changes related to the DMAR and PCCT tables and ARM support among
   other things) and cleanups related to using ACPICA's header files.
   A major part of it is related to acpidump and the core code used
   by that utility.  Changes from Bob Moore, David E Box, Lv Zheng,
   Sascha Wildner, Tomasz Nowicki, Hanjun Guo.

 - Radix trees for memory bitmaps used by the hibernation core from
   Joerg Roedel.

 - Support for waking up the system from suspend-to-idle (also known
   as the "freeze" sleep state) using ACPI-based PCI wakeup signaling
   (Rafael J Wysocki).

 - Fixes for issues related to ACPI button events (Rafael J Wysocki).

 - New device ID for an ACPI-enumerated device included into the
   Wildcat Point PCH from Jie Yang.

 - ACPI video updates related to backlight handling from Hans de Goede
   and Linus Torvalds.

 - Preliminary changes needed to support ACPI on ARM from Hanjun Guo
   and Graeme Gregory.

 - ACPI PNP core cleanups from Arjun Sreedharan and Zhang Rui.

 - Cleanups related to ACPI_COMPANION() and ACPI_HANDLE() macros
   (Rafael J Wysocki).

 - ACPI-based device hotplug cleanups from Wei Yongjun and
   Rafael J Wysocki.

 - Cleanups and improvements related to system suspend from
   Lan Tianyu, Randy Dunlap and Rafael J Wysocki.

 - ACPI battery cleanup from Wei Yongjun.

 - cpufreq core fixes from Viresh Kumar.

 - Elimination of a deadband effect from the cpufreq ondemand
   governor and intel_pstate driver cleanups from Stratos Karafotis.

 - 350MHz CPU support for the powernow-k6 cpufreq driver from
   Mikulas Patocka.

 - Fix for the imx6 cpufreq driver from Anson Huang.

 - cpuidle core and governor cleanups from Daniel Lezcano,
   Sandeep Tripathy and Mohammad Merajul Islam Molla.

 - Build fix for the big_little cpuidle driver from Sachin Kamat.

 - Configuration fix for the Operation Performance Points (OPP)
   framework from Mark Brown.

 - APM cleanup from Jean Delvare.

 - cpupower utility fixes and cleanups from Peter Senna Tschudin,
   Andrey Utkin, Himangi Saraogi, Rickard Strandqvist, Thomas Renninger.

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Merge branches 'acpi-video', 'acpi-battery', 'acpi-processor' and 'acpi-lpss'

* acpi-video:
  ACPI / video: Add use_native_backlight quirk for HP EliteBook 2014 models

* acpi-battery:
  ACPI / battery: remove duplicated include from battery.c

* acpi-processor:
  ACPI / processor: Make it possible to get local x2apic id via _MAT

* acpi-lpss:
  ACPI / LPSS: add LPSS device for Wildcat Point PCH