Merge branch 'for-2.6.26' of git://

* 'for-2.6.26' of git:// (25 commits)
  svcrdma: Verify read-list fits within RPCSVC_MAXPAGES
  svcrdma: Change svc_rdma_send_error return type to void
  svcrdma: Copy transport address and arm CQ before calling rdma_accept
  svcrdma: Set rqstp transport address in rdma_read_complete function
  svcrdma: Use ib verbs version of dma_unmap
  svcrdma: Cleanup queued, but unprocessed I/O in svc_rdma_free
  svcrdma: Move the QP and cm_id destruction to svc_rdma_free
  svcrdma: Add reference for each SQ/RQ WR
  svcrdma: Move destroy to kernel thread
  svcrdma: Shrink scope of spinlock on RQ CQ
  svcrdma: Use standard Linux lists for context cache
  svcrdma: Simplify RDMA_READ deferral buffer management
  svcrdma: Remove unused READ_DONE context flags bit
  svcrdma: Return error from rdma_read_xdr so caller knows to free context
  svcrdma: Fix error handling during listening endpoint creation
  svcrdma: Free context on post_recv error in send_reply
  svcrdma: Free context on ib_post_recv error
  svcrdma: Add put of connection ESTABLISHED reference in rdma_cma_handler
  svcrdma: Fix return value in svc_rdma_send
  svcrdma: Fix race with dto_tasklet in svc_rdma_send