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* linux/include/asm-arm/arch-cl7500/vmalloc.h
* Just any arbitrary offset to the start of the vmalloc VM area: the
* current 8MB value just means that there will be a 8MB "hole" after the
* physical memory until the kernel virtual memory starts. That means that
* any out-of-bounds memory accesses will hopefully be caught.
* The vmalloc() routines leaves a hole of 4kB between each vmalloced
* area for the same reason. ;)
#define VMALLOC_OFFSET (8*1024*1024)
#define VMALLOC_START (((unsigned long)high_memory + VMALLOC_OFFSET) & ~(VMALLOC_OFFSET-1))
#define VMALLOC_VMADDR(x) ((unsigned long)(x))
#define VMALLOC_END (PAGE_OFFSET + 0x1c000000)