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# Multimedia device configuration
menu "Multimedia devices"
config VIDEO_DEV
tristate "Video For Linux"
Support for audio/video capture and overlay devices and FM radio
cards. The exact capabilities of each device vary. User tools for
this are available from
This kernel includes support for the new Video for Linux Two API,
(V4L2) as well as the original system. Drivers and applications
need to be rewritten to use V4L2, but drivers for popular cards
and applications for most video capture functions already exist.
Documentation for the original API is included in the file
Documentation/video4linux/API.html. Documentation for V4L2 is
available on the web at
This driver is also available as a module called videodev ( = code
which can be inserted in and removed from the running kernel
whenever you want). If you want to compile it as a module, say M
here and read <file:Documentation/modules.txt>.
source "drivers/media/video/Kconfig"
source "drivers/media/radio/Kconfig"
source "drivers/media/dvb/Kconfig"
source "drivers/media/common/Kconfig"
default y if VIDEO_BT848=y || VIDEO_SAA7134=y || VIDEO_MXB=y
default m if VIDEO_BT848=m || VIDEO_SAA7134=m || VIDEO_MXB=m
depends on VIDEO_DEV
config VIDEO_BUF
default y if VIDEO_BT848=y || VIDEO_SAA7134=y || VIDEO_SAA7146=y
default m if VIDEO_BT848=m || VIDEO_SAA7134=m || VIDEO_SAA7146=m
depends on VIDEO_DEV
default VIDEO_BT848
depends on VIDEO_DEV