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cx8800 release notes
This is a v4l2 device driver for the cx2388x chip.
current status
Basically works. Some minor quality glitches. For now
only capture, overlay support isn't completed yet.
Doesn't work. Also the chip specs for the on-chip TV sound
decoder are next to useless :-/
Most tuner chips do provide mono sound, which may or may not
be useable depending on the board design. With the Hauppauge
cards it works, so there is at least mono sound. Not nice,
but better than nothing.
not implemented yet (but I don't expect problems here, just
found no time for that yet).
how to add support for new cards
The driver needs some config info for the TV cards. This stuff is in
cx88-cards.c. If the driver doesn't work well you likely need a new
entry for your card in that file. Check the kernel log (using dmesg)
to see whenever the driver knows your card or not. There is a line
like this one:
cx8800[0]: subsystem: 0070:3400, board: Hauppauge WinTV \
34xxx models [card=1,autodetected]
If your card is listed as "board: UNKNOWN/GENERIC" it is unknown to
the driver.
You can try to create a new entry yourself, or you can mail me the
config information. I need at least the following informations to
add the card:
* the PCI Subsystem ID ("0070:3400" from the line above, "lspci -v"
output is fine too).
* the tuner type used by the card. You can try to find one by
trial-and-error using the tuner=<n> insmod option. If you
know which one the card has you can also have a look at the
list in CARDLIST.tuner
Have fun,
Gerd Knorr <> [SuSE Labs]