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#ifndef _FLEX_ARRAY_H
#define _FLEX_ARRAY_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
struct flex_array_part;
* This is meant to replace cases where an array-like
* structure has gotten too big to fit into kmalloc()
* and the developer is getting tempted to use
* vmalloc().
struct flex_array {
union {
struct {
int element_size;
int total_nr_elements;
struct flex_array_part *parts[];
* This little trick makes sure that
* sizeof(flex_array) == PAGE_SIZE
char padding[FLEX_ARRAY_BASE_SIZE];
#define FLEX_ARRAY_INIT(size, total) { { {\
.element_size = (size), \
.total_nr_elements = (total), \
} } }
struct flex_array *flex_array_alloc(int element_size, unsigned int total,
gfp_t flags);
int flex_array_prealloc(struct flex_array *fa, unsigned int start,
unsigned int end, gfp_t flags);
void flex_array_free(struct flex_array *fa);
void flex_array_free_parts(struct flex_array *fa);
int flex_array_put(struct flex_array *fa, unsigned int element_nr, void *src,
gfp_t flags);
void *flex_array_get(struct flex_array *fa, unsigned int element_nr);
#endif /* _FLEX_ARRAY_H */