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# How to Submit Patches for libteam #
Send changes to libteam as patches to
with copy to
Avoid using attachments because usually it doesn't work.
In another words, inline the patch inside the e-mail's body.
The simplest workflow to send changes is using git. The following
steps will guide you to do the task.
1) Clone the source code on your local machine.
$ git clone
2) Create a local branch for you
$ cd libteam
$ git checkout -b testbranch
3) Do your changes
<<do some changes>>
4) Commit them to the repository
$ git commit -a -s
5) Optionally, you can verify how it looks like in the repo
$ git show
6) Extract the patch in a standard format into /tmp directory
$ git format-patch origin -o /tmp --subject-prefix "patch libteam"
7) Use checkpatch script from the kernel sources to find possible styling
issues in your patch:
$ path-to-kernel-sources/scripts/ /tmp/0001-somepatch.patch
8) Use git send-email to send the patch*.
$ git send-email /tmp/0001-somepatch.patch \
And you are done :)
* You may need to configure smtp in order to send emails, so please
check the "Example" section in the reference [3] below as a start.
Additional references about git: