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Pull SCSI target updates from Nicholas Bellinger:
 "The highlights this round include:

   - Add target_alloc_session() w/ callback helper for doing se_session
     allocation + tag + se_node_acl lookup.  (HCH + nab)

   - Tree-wide fabric driver conversion to use target_alloc_session()

   - Convert sbp-target to use percpu_ida tag pre-allocation, and
     TARGET_SCF_ACK_KREF I/O krefs (Chris Boot + nab)

   - Convert usb-gadget to use percpu_ida tag pre-allocation, and
     TARGET_SCF_ACK_KREF I/O krefs (Andrzej Pietrasiewicz + nab)

   - Convert xen-scsiback to use percpu_ida tag pre-allocation, and
     TARGET_SCF_ACK_KREF I/O krefs (Juergen Gross + nab)

   - Convert tcm_fc to use TARGET_SCF_ACK_KREF I/O + TMR krefs

   - Convert ib_srpt to use percpu_ida tag pre-allocation

   - Add DebugFS node for qla2xxx target sess list (Quinn)

   - Rework iser-target connection termination (Jenny + Sagi)

   - Convert iser-target to new CQ API (HCH)

   - Add pass-through WRITE_SAME support for IBLOCK (Mike Christie)

   - Introduce data_bitmap for asynchronous access of data area (Sheng
     Yang + Andy)

   - Fix target_release_cmd_kref shutdown comp leak (Himanshu Madhani)

  Also, there is a separate PULL request coming for cxgb4 NIC driver
  prerequisites for supporting hw iscsi segmentation offload (ISO), that
  will be the base for a number of v4.7 developments involving
  iscsi-target hw offloads"

* 'for-next' of git:// (36 commits)
  target: Fix target_release_cmd_kref shutdown comp leak
  target: Avoid DataIN transfers for non-GOOD SAM status
  target/user: Report capability of handling out-of-order completions to userspace
  target/user: Fix size_t format-spec build warning
  target/user: Don't free expired command when time out
  target/user: Introduce data_bitmap, replace data_length/data_head/data_tail
  target/user: Free data ring in unified function
  target/user: Use iovec[] to describe continuous area
  target: Remove enum transport_lunflags_table
  target/iblock: pass WRITE_SAME to device if possible
  iser-target: Kill the ->isert_cmd back pointer in struct iser_tx_desc
  iser-target: Kill struct isert_rdma_wr
  iser-target: Convert to new CQ API
  iser-target: Split and properly type the login buffer
  iser-target: Remove ISER_RECV_DATA_SEG_LEN
  iser-target: Remove impossible condition from isert_wait_conn
  iser-target: Remove redundant wait in release_conn
  iser-target: Rework connection termination
  iser-target: Separate flows for np listeners and connections cma events
  iser-target: Add new state ISER_CONN_BOUND to isert_conn