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Renesas Sampling Rate Convert Sound Card:
Renesas Sampling Rate Convert Sound Card specifies audio DAI connections of SoC <-> codec.
Required properties:
- compatible : "renesas,rsrc-card{,<board>}"
Examples with boards are:
- "renesas,rsrc-card"
- "renesas,rsrc-card,lager"
- "renesas,rsrc-card,koelsch"
Optional properties:
- card_name : User specified audio sound card name, one string
- cpu : CPU sub-node
- codec : CODEC sub-node
Optional subnode properties:
- format : CPU/CODEC common audio format.
"i2s", "right_j", "left_j" , "dsp_a"
"dsp_b", "ac97", "pdm", "msb", "lsb"
- frame-master : Indicates dai-link frame master.
phandle to a cpu or codec subnode.
- bitclock-master : Indicates dai-link bit clock master.
phandle to a cpu or codec subnode.
- bitclock-inversion : bool property. Add this if the
dai-link uses bit clock inversion.
- frame-inversion : bool property. Add this if the
dai-link uses frame clock inversion.
- convert-rate : platform specified sampling rate convert
- convert-channels : platform specified converted channel size (2 - 8 ch)
- audio-prefix : see audio-routing
- audio-routing : A list of the connections between audio components.
Each entry is a pair of strings, the first being the connection's sink,
the second being the connection's source. Valid names for sources.
use audio-prefix if some components is using same sink/sources naming.
it can be used if compatible was "renesas,rsrc-card";
Required CPU/CODEC subnodes properties:
- sound-dai : phandle and port of CPU/CODEC
Optional CPU/CODEC subnodes properties:
- clocks / system-clock-frequency : specify subnode's clock if needed.
it can be specified via "clocks" if system has
clock node (= common clock), or "system-clock-frequency"
(if system doens't support common clock)
If a clock is specified, it is
enabled with clk_prepare_enable()
in dai startup() and disabled with
clk_disable_unprepare() in dai
sound {
compatible = "renesas,rsrc-card,lager";
card-name = "rsnd-ak4643";
format = "left_j";
bitclock-master = <&sndcodec>;
frame-master = <&sndcodec>;
sndcpu: cpu {
sound-dai = <&rcar_sound>;
sndcodec: codec {
sound-dai = <&ak4643>;
system-clock-frequency = <11289600>;