Merge tag 'sound-fix-4.6-rc1' of git://

Pull sound fixes from Takashi Iwai:
 "The previous pull request introduced a few WARN_ON() for Intel
  HD-audio HDMI.  Indeed it caught bugs, and now users get annoyed.  So
  this request came up: a collection of small fixes to paper over the
  inconsistencies on (mostly) old Intel chipsets.

  In addition, a trivial USB-audio quirk is included, too"

* tag 'sound-fix-4.6-rc1' of git://
  ALSA: hda - Fix missing ELD update at unplugging
  ALSA: usb-audio: add Microsoft HD-5001 to quirks
  ALSA: hda - Workaround for unbalanced i915 power refcount by concurrent probe
  ALSA: hda - Fix spurious kernel WARNING on Baytrail HDMI
  ALSA: hda - Fix forgotten HDMI monitor_present update
  ALSA: hda - Really restrict i915 notifier to HSW+