Merge branch 'i2c/for-next' of git://

Pull i2c updates from Wolfram Sang:
 "Mostly usual driver updates and improvements.  The changelog should
  give an idea.  Standing out is the i2c-qup driver with lots of new
  capabilities and we also have now an i2c-demuxer.

  I'd especially like to welcome Peter Rosin as the i2c-mux maintainer.
  He has an interesting series for muxes in the queue and agreed to look
  after this part of the subsystem.  Thank you, Peter, and welcome

  The octeon changes were applied pretty recently before the merge
  window.  I am aware.  They are the first (and relatively simple)
  patches of a larger overhaul to this driver.  In case something goes
  wrong with them, they are easy to fix (or revert).  The advantage I
  see is that they are out of the way, and I can concentrate on the next
  block of patches.  I really would like to apply the overhaul in
  smaller batches to avoid regressions.  And waiting a cycle for the
  introductory patches seemed too much of a delay for me"

* 'i2c/for-next' of git:// (39 commits)
  i2c: octeon: Support I2C_M_RECV_LEN
  i2c: octeon: Cleanup resource allocation code
  i2c: octeon: Cleanup i2c-octeon driver
  MAINTAINERS: add Peter Rosin as i2c mux maintainer
  dt-bindings: i2c: Spelling s/propoerty/property/
  i2c: immediately mark ourselves as registered
  i2c: i801: sort IDs alphabetically
  MAINTAINERS: Mika and me are designated reviewers for I2C DESIGNWARE
  i2c: octeon: Cleanup kerneldoc comments
  i2c: do not use internal data from driver core
  i2c: cadence: Fix the kernel-doc warnings
  i2c: imx: remove extra spaces.
  i2c: rcar: don't open code of_device_get_match_data()
  i2c: qup: Fix fifo handling after adding V2 support
  i2c: xiic: Implement power management
  i2c: piix4: Pre-shift the port number
  i2c: piix4: Always use the same type for port
  i2c: piix4: Support alternative port selection register
  i2c: tegra: don't open code of_device_get_match_data()
  i2c: riic, sh_mobile, rcar: Use ARCH_RENESAS