Merge branch 'kconfig' of git://

Pull kconfig changes from Michal Marek:
 "kconfig in v3.7 is going to
   - initialize ncurses only once in menuconfig
   - be able to jump to a search result in menuconfig
   - change the misnomer oldnoconfig to a more meaningful name
     olddefconfig, keeping the old name as alias"

* 'kconfig' of git://
  kconfig: replace 'oldnoconfig' with 'olddefconfig', and keep the old name as an alias
  menuconfig: Assign jump keys per-page instead of globally
  menuconfig: Do not open code textbox scroll up/down
  menuconfig: Add jump keys to search results
  menuconfig: Extend dialog_textbox so that it can return to a scrolled position
  menuconfig: Extend dialog_textbox so that it can exit on arbitrary keypresses
  menuconfig: Remove superfluous conditionnal
  kconfig: document oldnoconfig to what it really does in conf.c
  kconfig/mconf.c: revision of curses initialization.