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Pull second set of ARM updates from Russell King:
 "This is the second set of ARM updates for this merge window.

  Contained within are changes to allow the kernel to boot in hypervisor
  mode on CPUs supporting virtualization, and cache flushing support to
  the point of inner sharable unification, which are used by the
  suspend/resume code to avoid having to do a full cache flush.

  Also included is one fix for VFP code identified by Michael Olbrich."

* 'for-linus' of git://
  ARM: vfp: fix saving d16-d31 vfp registers on v6+ kernels
  ARM: 7549/1: HYP: fix boot on some ARM1136 cores
  ARM: 7542/1: mm: fix cache LoUIS API for xscale and feroceon
  ARM: mm: update __v7_setup() to the new LoUIS cache maintenance API
  ARM: kernel: update __cpu_disable to use cache LoUIS maintenance API
  ARM: kernel: update cpu_suspend code to use cache LoUIS operations
  ARM: mm: rename jump labels in v7_flush_dcache_all function
  ARM: mm: implement LoUIS API for cache maintenance ops
  ARM: virt: arch_timers: enable access to physical timers
  ARM: virt: Add CONFIG_ARM_VIRT_EXT option
  ARM: virt: Add boot-time diagnostics
  ARM: virt: Update documentation for hyp mode entry support
  ARM: zImage/virt: hyp mode entry support for the zImage loader
  ARM: virt: allow the kernel to be entered in HYP mode
  ARM: opcodes: add __ERET/__MSR_ELR_HYP instruction encoding