Merge tag 'pinctrl-for-3.7-late' of git://

Pull second set of pinctrl patches from Linus Walleij:
 "Here is a late pinctrl pull request with stuff that wasn't quite
  tested at the first pull request.

  The main reason to not hold off is that the modifications to
  irq_domain_add_simple() as reviewed by Rob Herring introduce new
  infrastructure for irqdomains that will be useful for the next cycle:
  instead of sprinkling irq descriptor allocation all over the kernel
  wherever a "legacy" domain is registered, which is necessary for any
  platform using sparse IRQs, and many irq chips are say GPIO
  controllers which may be used with several systems, some with sparse
  IRQs some not, we push this into the irq_domain_add_simple() so we can
  atleast do mistakes in one place.

  The irq_domain_add_simple() is currently unused in the kernel, so I
  need to provide a user.  The Nomadik stuff that goes with are changes
  to the driver I use day-to-day to make use of this facility (and a
  dependency), so see it as a way to eat my own dogfood: if this blows
  up the egg hits my face.

  A second round of pinctrl patches for v3.7:
   - Complement the Nomadik pinctrl driver with alternate Cx functions
     so it handles all oddities.
   - A patch to the IRQdomain to reform the simple irqdomain to handle
     IRQ descriptor allocation dynamically.
   - Use the above feature in the Nomadik pin controller."

* tag 'pinctrl-for-3.7-late' of git://
  pinctrl/nomadik: use simple or linear IRQ domain
  irqdomain: augment add_simple() to allocate descs
  pinctrl/nomadik: support other alternate-C functions