- Fix KDB keyboard repeat scan codes and leaked keyboard events
- Fix kernel crash with kdb_printf() for users who compile new kdb_printf()'s
  in early code
- Return all segment registers to gdb on x86_64
- KDB/KGDB hook the reboot notifier and end user can control if it stops,
  detaches or does nothing (updated docs as well)
- Notify users who use CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA to use hw breakpoints
kdb: Add message about CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA on failure to install breakpoint

On x86, if CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA is set, one cannot set breakpoints
via KDB.  Apparently this is a well-known problem, as at least one distribution
now ships with both KDB enabled and CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA=y for security reasons.

This patch adds an printk message to the breakpoint failure case,
in order to provide suggestions about how to use the debugger.

Reported-by: Tim Bird <>
Signed-off-by: Jason Wessel <>
Acked-by: Tim Bird <>
1 file changed