Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull KVM fixes from Paolo Bonzini:
   - optimization for the exitless interrupt support that was merged in 4.16-rc1
   - improve the branch prediction blocking for nested KVM
   - replace some jump tables with switch statements to improve expoline performance
   - fixes for multiple epoch facility

   - fix the interaction of userspace irqchip VMs with in-kernel irqchip VMs
   - make sure we can build 32-bit KVM/ARM with gcc-8.

   - fixes for AMD SEV
   - fixes for Intel nested VMX, emulated UMIP and a dump_stack() on VM startup
   - fixes for async page fault migration
   - small optimization to PV TLB flush (new in 4.16-rc1)
   - syzkaller fixes

   - compiler warning fixes
   - syzkaller fixes
   - more improvements to the kvm_stat tool

  Two more small Spectre fixes are going to reach you via Ingo"

* tag 'for-linus' of git:// (40 commits)
  KVM: SVM: install RSM intercept
  KVM: SVM: no need to call access_ok() in LAUNCH_MEASURE command
  include: psp-sev: Capitalize invalid length enum
  crypto: ccp: Fix sparse, use plain integer as NULL pointer
  KVM: X86: Avoid traversing all the cpus for pv tlb flush when steal time is disabled
  x86/kvm: Make parse_no_xxx __init for kvm
  KVM: x86: fix backward migration with async_PF
  kvm: fix warning for non-x86 builds
  kvm: fix warning for CONFIG_HAVE_KVM_EVENTFD builds
  tools/kvm_stat: print 'Total' line for multiple events only
  tools/kvm_stat: group child events indented after parent
  tools/kvm_stat: separate drilldown and fields filtering
  tools/kvm_stat: eliminate extra guest/pid selection dialog
  tools/kvm_stat: mark private methods as such
  tools/kvm_stat: fix debugfs handling
  tools/kvm_stat: print error on invalid regex
  tools/kvm_stat: fix crash when filtering out all non-child trace events
  tools/kvm_stat: avoid 'is' for equality checks
  tools/kvm_stat: use a more pythonic way to iterate over dictionaries