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* Copyright (C) 2011 ST-Ericsson SA
* Written on behalf of Linaro for ST-Ericsson
* Author: Linus Walleij <>
* License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
#ifndef MFD_TPS6105X_H
#define MFD_TPS6105X_H
#include <linux/i2c.h>
#include <linux/regulator/machine.h>
* Register definitions to all subdrivers
#define TPS6105X_REG_0 0x00
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_SHIFT 6
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_MASK (0x03<<6)
/* These defines for both reg0 and reg1 */
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_SHUTDOWN 0x00
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_TORCH 0x01
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_TORCH_FLASH 0x02
#define TPS6105X_REG0_MODE_VOLTAGE 0x03
#define TPS6105X_REG0_VOLTAGE_MASK (3<<4)
#define TPS6105X_REG0_VOLTAGE_450 0
#define TPS6105X_REG0_VOLTAGE_500 1
#define TPS6105X_REG0_VOLTAGE_525 2
#define TPS6105X_REG0_VOLTAGE_500_2 3
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_SHIFT 0
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_MASK (7<<0)
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_0 0x00
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_50 0x01
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_75 0x02
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_100 0x03
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_150 0x04
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_200 0x05
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_250_400 0x06
#define TPS6105X_REG0_TORCHC_250_500 0x07
#define TPS6105X_REG_1 0x01
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_SHIFT 6
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_MASK (0x03<<6)
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_SHUTDOWN 0x00
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_TORCH 0x01
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_TORCH_FLASH 0x02
#define TPS6105X_REG1_MODE_VOLTAGE 0x03
#define TPS6105X_REG_2 0x02
#define TPS6105X_REG_3 0x03
* enum tps6105x_mode - desired mode for the TPS6105x
* @TPS6105X_MODE_SHUTDOWN: this instance is inactive, not used for anything
* @TPS61905X_MODE_TORCH: this instance is used as a LED, usually a while
* LED, for example as backlight or flashlight. If this is set, the
* TPS6105X will register to the LED framework
* @TPS6105X_MODE_TORCH_FLASH: this instance is used as a flashgun, usually
* in a camera
* @TPS6105X_MODE_VOLTAGE: this instance is used as a voltage regulator and
* will register to the regulator framework
enum tps6105x_mode {
* struct tps6105x_platform_data - TPS61905x platform data
* @mode: what mode this instance shall be operated in,
* this is not selectable at runtime
* @regulator_data: initialization data for the voltage
* regulator if used as a voltage source
struct tps6105x_platform_data {
enum tps6105x_mode mode;
struct regulator_init_data *regulator_data;
* struct tps6105x - state holder for the TPS6105x drivers
* @mutex: mutex to serialize I2C accesses
* @i2c_client: corresponding I2C client
* @regulator: regulator device if used in voltage mode
struct tps6105x {
struct tps6105x_platform_data *pdata;
struct mutex lock;
struct i2c_client *client;
struct regulator_dev *regulator;
extern int tps6105x_set(struct tps6105x *tps6105x, u8 reg, u8 value);
extern int tps6105x_get(struct tps6105x *tps6105x, u8 reg, u8 *buf);
extern int tps6105x_mask_and_set(struct tps6105x *tps6105x, u8 reg,
u8 bitmask, u8 bitvalues);