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* include/linux/random.h
* Include file for the random number generator.
#include <uapi/linux/random.h>
extern void add_device_randomness(const void *, unsigned int);
extern void add_input_randomness(unsigned int type, unsigned int code,
unsigned int value);
extern void add_interrupt_randomness(int irq, int irq_flags);
extern void get_random_bytes(void *buf, int nbytes);
extern void get_random_bytes_arch(void *buf, int nbytes);
void generate_random_uuid(unsigned char uuid_out[16]);
extern int random_int_secret_init(void);
#ifndef MODULE
extern const struct file_operations random_fops, urandom_fops;
unsigned int get_random_int(void);
unsigned long randomize_range(unsigned long start, unsigned long end, unsigned long len);
u32 prandom_u32(void);
void prandom_bytes(void *buf, int nbytes);
void prandom_seed(u32 seed);
void prandom_reseed_late(void);
struct rnd_state {
__u32 s1, s2, s3, s4;
u32 prandom_u32_state(struct rnd_state *state);
void prandom_bytes_state(struct rnd_state *state, void *buf, int nbytes);
* Handle minimum values for seeds
static inline u32 __seed(u32 x, u32 m)
return (x < m) ? x + m : x;
* prandom_seed_state - set seed for prandom_u32_state().
* @state: pointer to state structure to receive the seed.
* @seed: arbitrary 64-bit value to use as a seed.
static inline void prandom_seed_state(struct rnd_state *state, u64 seed)
u32 i = (seed >> 32) ^ (seed << 10) ^ seed;
state->s1 = __seed(i, 2U);
state->s2 = __seed(i, 8U);
state->s3 = __seed(i, 16U);
state->s4 = __seed(i, 128U);
# include <asm/archrandom.h>
static inline int arch_get_random_long(unsigned long *v)
return 0;
static inline int arch_get_random_int(unsigned int *v)
return 0;
/* Pseudo random number generator from numerical recipes. */
static inline u32 next_pseudo_random32(u32 seed)
return seed * 1664525 + 1013904223;
#endif /* _LINUX_RANDOM_H */