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Pull ARM updates from Russell King:
 "In this set, we have:
   - Refactoring of some of the old StrongARM-1100 GPIO code to make
     things simpler by Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov
   - Read-only and non-executable support for modules on ARM from Laura
   - Removal of unnecessary set_drvdata() calls in AMBA code
   - Some non-executable support for kernel lowmem mappings at the 1MB
     section granularity, and dumping of kernel page tables via debugfs
   - Some improvements for the timer/clock code on Footbridge platforms,
     and cleanup some of the LED code there
   - Fix fls/ffs() signatures to match x86 to prevent build warnings,
     particularly where these are used with min/max() macros
   - Avoid using the bootmem allocator on ARM (patches from Santosh
   - Various asid/unaligned access updates from Will Deacon"

* 'for-linus' of git:// (51 commits)
  ARM: SMP implementations are not supposed to return from smp_ops.cpu_die()
  ARM: ignore memory below PHYS_OFFSET
  Fix select-induced Kconfig warning for ZBOOT_ROM
  ARM: fix ffs/fls implementations to match x86
  ARM: 7935/1: sa1100: collie: add gpio-keys configuration
  ARM: 7932/1: bcm: Add DEBUG_LL console support
  ARM: 7929/1: Remove duplicate SCHED_HRTICK config option
  ARM: 7928/1: kconfig: select HAVE_EFFICIENT_UNALIGNED_ACCESS for CPUv6+ && MMU
  ARM: 7927/1: dcache: select DCACHE_WORD_ACCESS for big-endian CPUs
  ARM: 7926/1: mm: flesh out and fix the comments in the ASID allocator
  ARM: 7925/1: mm: keep track of last ASID allocation to improve bitmap searching
  ARM: 7924/1: mm: don't bother with reserved ttbr0 when running with LPAE
  ARM: PCI: add legacy IDE IRQ implementation
  ARM: footbridge: cleanup LEDs code
  ARM: pgd allocation: retry on failure
  ARM: footbridge: add one-shot mode for DC21285 timer
  ARM: footbridge: add sched_clock implementation
  ARM: 7922/1: l2x0: add Marvell Tauros3 support
  ARM: 7877/1: use built-in byte swap function
  ARM: 7921/1: mcpm: remove redundant dsb instructions prior to sev