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Pull key handling fixes from James Morris:
 "Quoting David Howells:

  Here are three miscellaneous fixes:

  (1) Fix a panic in some debugging code in PKCS#7.  This can only
      happen by explicitly inserting a #define DEBUG into the code.

  (2) Fix the calculation of the digest length in the PE file parser.
      This causes a failure where there should be a success.

  (3) Fix the case where an X.509 cert can be added as an asymmetric key
      to a trusted keyring with no trust restriction if no AKID is

  Bugs (1) and (2) aren't particularly problematic, but (3) allows a
  security check to be bypassed.  Happily, this is a recent regression
  and never made it into a released kernel"

* 'for-linus' of git://
  KEYS: Fix for erroneous trust of incorrectly signed X.509 certs
  pefile: Fix the failure of calculation for digest
  PKCS#7: Fix panic when referring to the empty AKID when DEBUG defined