Merge tag 'gfs2-4.7.fixes' of git://

Pull gfs2 updates from Bob Peterson:
 "We've got ten patches this time, half of which are related to a
  plethora of nasty outcomes when inodes are transitioned from the
  unlinked state to the free state.  Small file systems are particularly
  vulnerable to these problems, and it can manifest as mainly hangs, but
  also file system corruption.  The patches have been tested for
  literally many weeks, with a very gruelling test, so I have a high
  level of confidence.

   - Andreas Gruenbacher wrote a series of five patches for various
     lockups during the transition of inodes from unlinked to free.

     The main patch is titled "Fix gfs2_lookup_by_inum lock inversion"
     and the other four are support and cleanup patches related to that.

   - Ben Marzinski contributed two patches with regard to a recreatable
     problem when gfs2 tries to write a page to a file that is being
     truncated, resulting in a BUG() in gfs2_remove_from_journal.

     Note that Ben had to export vfs function __block_write_full_page to
     get this to work properly.  It's been posted a long time and he
     talked to various VFS people about it, and nobody seemed to mind.

   - I contributed 3 patches:
       o The first one fixes a memory corruptor: a race in which one
         process can overwrite the gl_object pointer set by another
         process, causing kernel panic and other symptoms.
       o The second patch fixes another race that resulted in a
         false-positive BUG_ON.  This occurred when resource group
         reservations were freed by one process while another process
         was trying to grab a new reservation in the same resource
       o The third patch fixes a problem with doing journal replay when
         the journals are not all the same size"

* tag 'gfs2-4.7.fixes' of git://
  GFS2: Fix gfs2_replay_incr_blk for multiple journal sizes
  GFS2: Check rs_free with rd_rsspin protection
  gfs2: writeout truncated pages
  fs: export __block_write_full_page
  gfs2: Lock holder cleanup
  gfs2: Large-filesystem fix for 32-bit systems
  gfs2: Get rid of gfs2_ilookup
  gfs2: Fix gfs2_lookup_by_inum lock inversion
  gfs2: Initialize iopen glock holder for new inodes
  GFS2: don't set rgrp gl_object until it's inserted into rgrp tree