Merge tag 'drm-fixes-for-v4.7-rc8-intel-kbl' of git://

Pull intel kabylake drm fixes from Dave Airlie:
 "As mentioned Intel has gathered all the Kabylake fixes from -next,
  which we've enabled in 4.7 for the first time, these are pretty much
  limited in scope to only affects kabylake, which is hw that isn't
  shipping yet.  So I'm mostly okay with it going in now.

  If we don't land this, it might be a good idea to disable kabylake
  support in 4.7 before we ship"

* tag 'drm-fixes-for-v4.7-rc8-intel-kbl' of git:// (28 commits)
  drm/i915/kbl: Introduce the first official DMC for Kabylake.
  drm/i915: Introduce Kabypoint PCH for Kabylake H/DT.
  drm/i915/gen9: implement WaConextSwitchWithConcurrentTLBInvalidate
  drm/i915/gen9: Add WaFbcHighMemBwCorruptionAvoidance
  drm/i195/fbc: Add WaFbcNukeOnHostModify
  drm/i915/gen9: Add WaFbcWakeMemOn
  drm/i915/gen9: Add WaFbcTurnOffFbcWatermark
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaClearSlmSpaceAtContextSwitch
  drm/i915/gen9: Add WaEnableChickenDCPR
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableSbeCacheDispatchPortSharing
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableGafsUnitClkGating
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaForGAMHang
  drm/i915: Add WaInsertDummyPushConstP for bxt and kbl
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableDynamicCreditSharing
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableGamClockGating
  drm/i915/gen9: Enable must set chicken bits in config0 reg
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableLSQCROPERFforOCL
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableSDEUnitClockGating
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaDisableFenceDestinationToSLM for A0
  drm/i915/kbl: Add WaEnableGapsTsvCreditFix