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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) When dcbnl_cee_fill() fails to be able to push a new netlink
    attribute, it return 0 instead of an error code. From Pan Bian.

 2) Two suffix handling fixes to FIB trie code, from Alexander Duyck.

 3) bnxt_hwrm_stat_ctx_alloc() goes through all the trouble of setting
    and maintaining a return code 'rc' but fails to actually return it.
    Also from Pan Bian.

 4) ping socket ICMP handler needs to validate ICMP header length, from
    Kees Cook.

 5) caif_sktinit_module() has this interesting logic:

        int err = sock_register(...);
        if (!err)
                return err;
        return 0;

    Just return sock_register()'s return value directly which is the
    only possible correct thing to do.

 6) Two bnx2x driver fixes from Yuval Mintz, return a reasonable
    estimate from get_ringparam() ethtool op when interface is down and
    avoid trying to use UDP port based tunneling on 577xx chips.

 7) Fix ep93xx_eth crash on module unload from Florian Fainelli.

 8) Missing uapi exports, from Stephen Hemminger.

 9) Don't schedule work from sk_destruct(), because the socket will be
    freed upon return from that function. From Herbert Xu.

10) Buggy drivers, of which we know there is at least one, can send a
    huge packet into the TCP stack but forget to set the gso_size in the
    SKB, which causes all kinds of problems.

    Correct this when it happens, and emit a one-time warning with the
    device name included so that it can be diagnosed more easily.

    From Marcelo Ricardo Leitner.

11) virtio-net does DMA off the stack causes hiccups with VMAP_STACK,
    fix from Andy Lutomirski.

12) Fix fec driver compilation with CONFIG_M5272, from Nikita

13) mlx5 fixes from Kamal Heib, Saeed Mahameed, and Mohamad Haj Yahia.
    (erroneously flushing queues on error, module parameter validation,

* git:// (34 commits)
  net/mlx5e: Change the SQ/RQ operational state to positive logic
  net/mlx5e: Don't flush SQ on error
  net/mlx5e: Don't notify HW when filling the edge of ICO SQ
  net/mlx5: Fix query ISSI flow
  net/mlx5: Remove duplicate pci dev name print
  net/mlx5: Verify module parameters
  net: fec: fix compile with CONFIG_M5272
  be2net: Add DEVSEC privilege to SET_HSW_CONFIG command.
  virtio-net: Fix DMA-from-the-stack in virtnet_set_mac_address()
  tcp: warn on bogus MSS and try to amend it
  uapi glibc compat: fix outer guard of net device flags enum
  net: stmmac: clear reset value of snps, wr_osr_lmt/snps, rd_osr_lmt before writing
  netlink: Do not schedule work from sk_destruct
  uapi: export nf_log.h
  uapi: export tc_skbmod.h
  net: ep93xx_eth: Do not crash unloading module
  bnx2x: Prevent tunnel config for 577xx
  bnx2x: Correct ringparam estimate when DOWN
  isdn: hisax: set error code on failure
  net: bnx2x: fix improper return value