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What: /sys/kernel/debug/wilco_ec/h1_gpio
Date: April 2019
KernelVersion: 5.2
As part of Chrome OS's FAFT (Fully Automated Firmware Testing)
tests, we need to ensure that the H1 chip is properly setting
some GPIO lines. The h1_gpio attribute exposes the state
of the lines:
Output will formatted with "0x%02x\n".
What: /sys/kernel/debug/wilco_ec/raw
Date: January 2019
KernelVersion: 5.1
Write and read raw mailbox commands to the EC.
You can write a hexadecimal sentence to raw, and that series of
bytes will be sent to the EC. Then, you can read the bytes of
response by reading from raw.
For writing, bytes 0-1 indicate the message type, one of enum
wilco_ec_msg_type. Byte 2+ consist of the data passed in the
request, starting at MBOX[0]
At least three bytes are required for writing, two for the type
and at least a single byte of data. Only the first
EC_MAILBOX_DATA_SIZE bytes of MBOX will be used.
// Request EC info type 3 (EC firmware build date)
// Corresponds with sending type 0x00f0 with
// MBOX = [38, 00, 03, 00]
$ echo 00 f0 38 00 03 00 > /sys/kernel/debug/wilco_ec/raw
// View the result. The decoded ASCII result "12/21/18" is
// included after the raw hex.
// Corresponds with MBOX = [00, 00, 31, 32, 2f, 32, 31, 38, ...]
$ cat /sys/kernel/debug/wilco_ec/raw
00 00 31 32 2f 32 31 2f 31 38 00 38 00 01 00 2f 00 ..12/21/18.8...
Note that the first 32 bytes of the received MBOX[] will be
printed, even if some of the data is junk. It is up to you to
know how many of the first bytes of data are the actual