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Qualcomm adreno/snapdragon GMU (Graphics management unit)
The GMU is a programmable power controller for the GPU. the CPU controls the
GMU which in turn handles power controls for the GPU.
Required properties:
- compatible: "qcom,adreno-gmu-XYZ.W", "qcom,adreno-gmu"
for example: "qcom,adreno-gmu-630.2", "qcom,adreno-gmu"
Note that you need to list the less specific "qcom,adreno-gmu"
for generic matches and the more specific identifier to identify
the specific device.
- reg: Physical base address and length of the GMU registers.
- reg-names: Matching names for the register regions
* "gmu"
* "gmu_pdc"
* "gmu_pdc_seg"
- interrupts: The interrupt signals from the GMU.
- interrupt-names: Matching names for the interrupts
* "hfi"
* "gmu"
- clocks: phandles to the device clocks
- clock-names: Matching names for the clocks
* "gmu"
* "cxo"
* "axi"
* "mnoc"
- power-domains: should be:
<&clock_gpucc GPU_CX_GDSC>
<&clock_gpucc GPU_GX_GDSC>
- power-domain-names: Matching names for the power domains
- iommus: phandle to the adreno iommu
- operating-points-v2: phandle to the OPP operating points
/ {
gmu: gmu@506a000 {
compatible="qcom,adreno-gmu-630.2", "qcom,adreno-gmu";
reg = <0x506a000 0x30000>,
<0xb280000 0x10000>,
<0xb480000 0x10000>;
reg-names = "gmu", "gmu_pdc", "gmu_pdc_seq";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 304 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
interrupt-names = "hfi", "gmu";
clocks = <&gpucc GPU_CC_CX_GMU_CLK>,
<&gpucc GPU_CC_CXO_CLK>,
clock-names = "gmu", "cxo", "axi", "memnoc";
power-domains = <&gpucc GPU_CX_GDSC>,
<&gpucc GPU_GX_GDSC>;
power-domain-names = "cx", "gx";
iommus = <&adreno_smmu 5>;
operating-points-v2 = <&gmu_opp_table>;