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Devicetree bindings for Zynq Ultrascale MPSoC FPGA Manager.
The ZynqMP SoC uses the PCAP (Processor configuration Port) to configure the
Programmable Logic (PL). The configuration uses the firmware interface.
Required properties:
- compatible: should contain "xlnx,zynqmp-pcap-fpga"
Example for full FPGA configuration:
fpga-region0 {
compatible = "fpga-region";
fpga-mgr = <&zynqmp_pcap>;
#address-cells = <0x1>;
#size-cells = <0x1>;
firmware {
zynqmp_firmware: zynqmp-firmware {
compatible = "xlnx,zynqmp-firmware";
method = "smc";
zynqmp_pcap: pcap {
compatible = "xlnx,zynqmp-pcap-fpga";