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Broadcom V3D GPU
Only the Broadcom V3D 3.x and newer GPUs are covered by this binding.
For V3D 2.x, see brcm,bcm-vc4.txt.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "brcm,7268-v3d" or "brcm,7278-v3d"
- reg: Physical base addresses and lengths of the register areas
- reg-names: Names for the register areas. The "hub" and "core0"
register areas are always required. The "gca" register area
is required if the GCA cache controller is present. The
"bridge" register area is required if an external reset
controller is not present.
- interrupts: The interrupt numbers. The first interrupt is for the hub,
while the following interrupts are separate interrupt lines
for the cores (if they don't share the hub's interrupt).
See bindings/interrupt-controller/interrupts.txt
Optional properties:
- clocks: The core clock the unit runs on
- resets: The reset line for v3d, if not using a mapping of the bridge
See bindings/reset/reset.txt
v3d {
compatible = "brcm,7268-v3d";
reg = <0xf1204000 0x100>,
<0xf1200000 0x4000>,
<0xf1208000 0x4000>,
<0xf1204100 0x100>;
reg-names = "bridge", "hub", "core0", "gca";
interrupts = <0 78 4>,
<0 77 4>;