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* MaxBotix I2CXL-MaxSonar ultrasonic distance sensor of type mb1202,
mb1212, mb1222, mb1232, mb1242, mb7040 or mb7137 using the i2c interface
for ranging
Required properties:
- compatible: "maxbotix,mb1202",
"maxbotix,mb7040" or
- reg: i2c address of the device, see also i2c/i2c.txt
Optional properties:
- interrupts: Interrupt used to announce the preceding reading
request has finished and that data is available.
If no interrupt is specified the device driver
falls back to wait a fixed amount of time until
data can be retrieved.
proximity@70 {
compatible = "maxbotix,mb1232";
reg = <0x70>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio2>;
interrupts = <2 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;