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STMicroelectronics MIPID02 CSI-2 to PARALLEL bridge
MIPID02 has two CSI-2 input ports, only one of those ports can be active at a
time. Active port input stream will be de-serialized and its content outputted
through PARALLEL output port.
CSI-2 first input port is a dual lane 800Mbps per lane whereas CSI-2 second
input port is a single lane 800Mbps. Both ports support clock and data lane
polarity swap. First port also supports data lane swap.
PARALLEL output port has a maximum width of 12 bits.
Supported formats are RAW6, RAW7, RAW8, RAW10, RAW12, RGB565, RGB888, RGB444,
YUV420 8-bit, YUV422 8-bit and YUV420 10-bit.
Required Properties:
- compatible: shall be "st,st-mipid02"
- clocks: reference to the xclk input clock.
- clock-names: shall be "xclk".
- VDDE-supply: sensor digital IO supply. Must be 1.8 volts.
- VDDIN-supply: sensor internal regulator supply. Must be 1.8 volts.
Optional Properties:
- reset-gpios: reference to the GPIO connected to the xsdn pin, if any.
This is an active low signal to the mipid02.
Required subnodes:
- ports: A ports node with one port child node per device input and output
port, in accordance with the video interface bindings defined in
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/media/video-interfaces.txt. The
port nodes are numbered as follows:
Port Description
0 CSI-2 first input port
1 CSI-2 second input port
2 PARALLEL output
Endpoint node required property for CSI-2 connection is:
- data-lanes: shall be <1> for Port 1. for Port 0 dual-lane operation shall be
<1 2> or <2 1>. For Port 0 single-lane operation shall be <1> or <2>.
Endpoint node optional property for CSI-2 connection is:
- lane-polarities: any lane can be inverted or not.
Endpoint node required property for PARALLEL connection is:
- bus-width: shall be set to <6>, <7>, <8>, <10> or <12>.
Endpoint node optional properties for PARALLEL connection are:
- hsync-active: active state of the HSYNC signal, 0/1 for LOW/HIGH respectively.
LOW being the default.
- vsync-active: active state of the VSYNC signal, 0/1 for LOW/HIGH respectively.
LOW being the default.
mipid02: csi2rx@14 {
compatible = "st,st-mipid02";
reg = <0x14>;
status = "okay";
clocks = <&clk_ext_camera_12>;
clock-names = "xclk";
VDDE-supply = <&vdd>;
VDDIN-supply = <&vdd>;
ports {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
port@0 {
reg = <0>;
ep0: endpoint {
data-lanes = <1 2>;
remote-endpoint = <&mipi_csi2_in>;
port@2 {
reg = <2>;
ep2: endpoint {
bus-width = <8>;
hsync-active = <0>;
vsync-active = <0>;
remote-endpoint = <&parallel_out>;